Cleaning Flames

Cleaning Flames Part I & II, 2015

Part I: Looped, HD video projected onto clear suspended Perspex, with sound. 5min 55 sec.

Part II: HD video with sound, 4min 35sec.

Part I: Footage of window cleaners working on the largest skyscraper in Baku, Azerbaijan plays. The narrator discusses the growth of the city, her thoughts about the physical, individual and collective actions of the workers and the direction in which our capitalist society continues to develop.

Part II: Director Joan Iyiola discusses Cleaning Flames Part I, a film produced in a derelict office block in the City of London. Iyiola contemplates the constraints of the filming process, working with amateur actors and the notion of re-staging for film. Iyiola also examines the difficulties we confront when faced with the perpetual need for urban development.

Video available here.