Work in progress; reconstructing reality, reality construction

In a high school assembly on the 11th November 2015, one student suddenly fell ill, then another, and another... and another. This is the basis for ‘Reconstructing Reality | Reality Construction’ a project taking place in Ripon this summer in collaboration with The Art Lab.


With a focus on artist's film, video and installation The Art Lab and myself will run series of workshops that will creatively explore the mass illness event that took place on 11/11/15. Participants will learn about methods of filmmaking, production and a variety of contemporary art practices. Throughout the week participants will collectively produce a range of creative responses using language, images, video, sound and performance.


The artwork and short films that the students create in the workshops will also be presented in a friends and family screening at The Curzon cinema during the summer holidays.


Some of the topics explored in the workshops will be:

The 'truth' or 'reality of the medium - representation, facts and aesthetics in film and video.

Narratives and the 'unreliable narrator'.

The process of reconstructing a reality - documentary and fiction filmmaking.


A reenactment:

Along with the workshops I will be directing a choreographed ‘reenactment’ on the 11th August. We are looking for 100 teenagers to get involved!


***10 places for the workshops have been fully funded. If you would like to take part in the workshops or reenactment please register your interest by clicking here and filling out the form. For updates check the Facebook event page here or email me on ***