The Ripon Ripple

I'm delighted to be working in my hometown Ripon this summer with choreographer Gavin Rees & filmmaker Wayne Sables!

Together we'll be running workshops & filming at Ripon Operatics. 

We're looking for as many people to get involved as possible.

The workshops will be based on 'The Ripple Effect' - a situation in which one events sparks another which spreads and produces more. You might know it as ‘the butterfly effect'. We'll be creatively looking at this through movement, dance, acting and storytelling. We'll be drawing on narratives such as the dancing plague of 1518 and local narratives... if you were around or at Outwood Academy when the mass fainting occurred in 2015, we would love to hear from you.

Below are details from the flyer, if you have any questions and or would like to be involved please email me on

Hope to hear from you and thanks!